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Arms restrictions: Russia accuses US of provocation

Arms restrictions: Russia accuses US of provocation

The Russian government accuses the United States of pushing restrictions on nuclear weapons as part of the New START treaty. The US has announced an investigation, the Foreign Ministry in Moscow announced yesterday, despite knowing Russia would not allow it. Russia announced yesterday that it would suspend the restrictions.

The government in Moscow justified this with travel restrictions imposed by Western countries on Russian delegations after the invasion of Ukraine. This would limit Russian possibilities for sanctions in the United States.

Ryabkov criticizes America

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Russia believes the United States wants to find a way to maintain mutual verification despite the difficulties caused by sanctions. Not so. Hence the investigation now announced by the US is an unjustified and unnecessary escalation and provocation.

The New START treaty concluded in 2011 committed both superpowers to restrictions on ICBMs, submarine-launched missiles and nuclear-capable warplanes. The deal expires in 2026.

A week ago, US President Joe Biden called for arms control talks between Russia and China. His government is ready to negotiate a new framework agreement to replace the New START treaty. The US president said the government in Moscow must be ready to resume nuclear arms control work with the US.

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