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After participating in "Die Alm", Mirja du Mont explains about alcoholic drinks and the outside building

After participating in “Die Alm”, Mirja du Mont explains about alcoholic drinks and the outside building

“I thought for a moment, if there really is an outbuilding without flow, I can’t participate,” Mirja du Mont says of her time on “Die Alm” (photo montage)

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Mirja du Mont’s Trash TV debut: The 45-year-old supermodel celebrated her reality debut on “Die Alm” (ProSieben) – and now reports it never happened. The sanitary facilities of the farmer’s cottage are to blame for this.

Funes (South Tyrol) – On Thursday evening (24 June 2021) it’s finally time: ProSieben celebrates ten more or less famous characters The big return to organizing garbage inside the housePainIsolated from any civilization, the participants must live a life like 100 years in a farmer’s hut and at the same time master unpleasant challenges – the ‘jungle camp’ in the Alps, one way or another. For model and actress Mirga du Mont (45) was Brand new mode, because the ex-wife of Sky du Mont (74) was not actuallyTV to see. Now she comes to the first conclusion and explains her impressions – and even reveals why her engagement almost failed.

Merga de Mont

© ProSieben/Benjamin Kiss

Die Alm: Mirja du Mont celebrated its reality TV debut on ProSieben – ‘No, I didn’t need it’

Clear declaration from Mirja du Mont: “No, I didn’t need it. He thinks a lot about me. I participated in “Die Alm” because I desperately need money. In an interview with Gala from the start, the actress explained, “That’s not the case. Instead, she’s a ‘reality TV fan’ and wanted to know if you really hit your limits. That you can no longer speak rationally to each other, but ends up in the bottom drawer with insults. With ‘Die Alm’, one was pretty much in control – an important factor in the eyes of 45-year-olds: There was no alcohol in ProSieben.

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It often escalates due to excessive alcohol consumption. Many of the participants had a lot of alcohol He is no longer the master of himself And they behave completely wrong,” explains Mirja du Mont. Although a drop or two of alcohol was drunk in the secluded mountain hut, it was unlike “other forms.” [nicht] Unlimited available. “” we had Two bottles of beer for two days And we split it amongst ourselves,” she reveals. However, the 45-year-old wasn’t always as gorgeous as she was in the interview—especially at the start of ‘Die Alm,’ she struggled with the lack of amenities that she takes for granted in her daily life. via Telegram: right Now Subscribe to the Telegram channel And be the first to read the best stories!

Die Alm: Mirja du Mont was worried about the outside house – ‘I’m so proud of myself’

“No joke, I thought succinctly If there is already an outbuilding with no flow, I can’t participate”, continues Mirja de Monts. But the actress, who was born in Sely by the name Mirja Becker, did not give up quickly: “But in the end everything worked out very well. I’m so proud of myselfEven before the broadcast, the 45-year-old blonde was aggressive on Instagram: ‘I’m not scared at all! ’,” she explained in a short teaser. However, it wasn’t quite as calm as in the mountains in “Die Alm.” Sexy actress Vivien Schmidt, 43, clashed with DSDS candidate Katharina Eisenbluth, 27, after she “just ran away.” “.