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After 'Princess Charming': Are Lou and Elsa Close?

After ‘Princess Charming’: Are Lou and Elsa Close?

What happened after the final charming princess? For weeks, 20 single women around a heart Irina hose fight. On the last lap, they just competed Elsa And if For the good lawyer. was able to prevail at the end of the last – Even if the two never became a couple away from the cameras. It is said that the movie drama continued even after the show ended. Are the finalists close?

In the big reunion series TVNow I felt middle Lola Webert (25) Elsa and Luo investigated and inquired about the relationship between the two. In fact he met the winner and a sports management student after filming. “We celebrated our birthday together,” Elsa said. After that, the connection fell asleep. The 22-year-old tried to explain, “Somehow everyone is lost in their lives and in their daily lives.” as such Lola But then she revealed that she had heard that something had happened at said birthday party and that there were kisses, and there was an iron silence. “I don’t want to comment on that.”Description explained. Lou followed this position directly.

Rumors that two finalists should have negotiated with each other Irina She also covered herself. “This is something that needs clarification between them. I don’t want to comment on it emotionally.”Cologne woman explained. But in conclusion, she admitted: “It’s a strange feeling, but only from the point of view that they were the two finalists.”

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