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Spielkultur (Sonstiges) von 4Players

Digital Gallery started as a multiplayer game

DreamHack and Super Crowd Entertainment launched DreamHack Beyond. The (free) event aims to bring the DreamHack community closer together as a multiplayer game. For a week until July 31, visitors can tour different worlds and experience the trade fair digitally. 345 virtual booths can be visited in 25 halls (to the site).

Players can create and equip their own avatars, collect pets and experience points, loot to their hearts content and also cheer for their favorite teams using appropriate animations. The game also features several game demos, hourly tournaments (including Hearthstone and Rocket League) or DreamHack’s first band competition ‘Battle of the Bands’.(…]The online game leads you through 156 handcrafted missions, where you have to uncover the mysterious Secret of Sleeper, through the gallery with five unique themed worlds: Cyber​ ​Rave Ultra Dome, World Fair but Kaiju Attack, The Natural Hive, Raiders of the Lost Arcade and I want my RunicTv.(…) Other events and attractions include cosplay competitions, first glimpses of previously unreleased titles, fast-paced gameplay Old favorites, backgammon competitions and more”Type regulators.

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