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After Sunday’s thriller, SV Red coach Robert Ebertsberger said: “It’s clearly not a red card!”  – Bundesliga

After Sunday’s thriller, SV Red coach Robert Ebertsberger said: “It’s clearly not a red card!” – Bundesliga

The last round match of the regular season of Admiral of the Bundesliga Between fighting passionately for the main group SV Guntamatic Red The second in the table SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz Presented in addition to many feelings and excitement … a thriller until the 97th minute. See also live tape! With four goals, Reed twice led, Sturm equalized, goalkeeper disqualified, aluminum hit, missed chances by centimeters … etc … followed by “offence” comments …

Tough duels per ball and centimeter: here is substitute Michael Lercher (left, SV Red) against Andreas Koen (Storm Graz), who has moved into the starting line-up today in place of Jacob Guncher, who has suffered a back injury.

Robert Ebertsberger (Coach SV Gunmatic Red)… after not reaching the main group: “We all knew what it was about today and we were so close. We deserved to win today. The goals conceded annoy me anyway, especially the second goal. In our case, one can also have better luck. However, I am very proud of the team. We must not allow We have to derail ourselves now, we have to keep working in this way and we have to set a new goal for ourselves in the lower qualifiers. It is very important.”

The 45-year-old President Zour red a map By SVR goalkeeper Samuel Shaheen Radlinger: “He wasn’t my last man wide. I don’t understand why the card wasn’t taken back. You might have to question the VAR. For me, it’s definitely not a red card, like a yellow one, but we have to accept it as such.”

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Plenty of effort again: Ryder-born Samuel Saheen Radlinger received a red card in the 80th minute from Viennese referee Julian Weinberger “for blocking a goal opportunity” (according to the match report). On the left is Rasmus Højlund, who received a yellow card in this scene because the 19-year-old Dane was late facing the SVR goalkeeper and hit him hard. Højlund helped advance Manprit Sarkaria 1-1.

Shaheen Radlinger: ‘You could cry’ – Stranzl: ‘Never a red card’

Samuel Shaheen Radlinger (SV Guntamatic Ried): “Of course I’m very disappointed because it weakened the team and we didn’t reach our goal. When I look at the pictures now, I can’t fathom it. But I’m not allowed to go out on that ball. There were still two players who could clear the procedure. That’s why it’s getting bitter. I can cry. I feel really bad.”

Martin Stranzel (Sky Expert): “Never a red card. I would be interested to know what is written on the score sheet. It can’t be stealing a goal, and it can’t be bad play either.”

Leo Mikic (SV Guntamatic Ried), The 2:1 goal scorer with “Goal of the Month” scorer at Kruzek, after the group’s hero loss: “We keep fighting. But of course we are disappointed. We just wanted to get into the playoffs.”

Stefan Notz (SV Guntamatic Ried): “I can’t blame anyone. We played a great match against the second team and brought Sturm to the brink of defeat. Unfortunately, we got the disqualification and got the goal when we outnumbered. Very bitter, but it doesn’t help. Continue.”

Ziegel: “Before the season, very few thought that we would be able to finish the seventh season and reach the cup final”

Captain Marcel Seigl (SV Guntamatic Ried): “If we said before the season that we would finish the regular season in seventh place and we would be in the cup final, few would have believed that we could do that.”

Ilzer: ‘I can’t do much with sharing points’

Christian Elzer (Coach SK Bontjammer Sturm Graz) for the game: So much energy! Ping-pong! Fight for every inch. Red brought tremendous energy and a willingness to run onto the field. On our part, there was just something about those virtues…like passion, energy, quality…we had to. The fight is more. We really struggled during the first quarter of the hour. It was clear that Reed was the better team out there. Then we got the game on our side a little bit and we were more present in the duels. That resulted in one or two chances before the break.

Then we tied in the second half. Then, in a quiet phase on the court, we fell behind again after we recovered. Also because we brought more quality up front with Manprit Sarkaria. In the end I think it’s a fair division of points, but we can’t do much with it.”

Ilzer for Shaheen Radlinger red card: “I haven’t seen it on TV yet, only briefly on my laptop. It was an obvious mistake. I definitely saw one.” Addressed to 2nd place after the main round:You want to keep this place.”

Data source: Sky Sport Austria and the league portal

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