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Skateboarder Kraft finished third in Oslo to win Raw Air

Skateboarder Kraft finished third in Oslo to win Raw Air

Kraft won after the individual Olympics in Lahti and at the start of the Norway Tour in Lillehammer. He finished eighth in Oslo on Saturday, followed by seventh on the podium this season in the Tour Norway final.

The 28-year-old entered the final day of Raw Air by more than 15 points. Thanks to second place in the playoffs behind Geiger and the simultaneous drop of World Cup leader Ryoyo Kobayashi in 25th place, his lead doubled. Since Jaeger finished fifth behind Kraft in the competition, his tally for the Germans was 30.7 points at the end. Kobayashi was already more than 40 points behind in third place.

“Winning by that margin means a lot to me. The overall victory is pretty cool. It’s great that third place is gone too. It’s been a huge five days in Norway, I’m really happy that things are going like this again,” Kraft explained in an interview with ORF. At his current best, the world record holder can continue to travel to Vickersund for the Figure Skating World Championships, which begins on Thursday. “One wishes for such a flow. Now I can run it. It’s great that you got there in good shape.”

There was also a lot of jubilation in the Norwegian camp, which this time celebrated Daniel Andre Tandy after winning Olympic champion Marius Lindvik on Saturday. The 28-year-old claimed his first win after making a serious fall while flying on the ice in Planica last March. Like the day before, the Norwegians were victorious across the board at historic Holmenkollen. Jarl Magnus Reaper won the group, and Martin Luström Ninje won the 50km cross-country race.

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In the jump, Tandy and other top athletes took advantage of Camille Stoch’s setback. The Polish half-time leader is back in 15th place. The second best Austrian was Daniel Huber in ninth place. Ulrich Wohlmentioned slipped from sixth to thirteenth.