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After the Celt scandal: The first person involved allegedly apologized

After the Celt scandal: The first person involved allegedly apologized

After a video showing young German partygoers chanting racist and far-right slogans at a bar in Sylt became public, one of the participants has allegedly apologized for his actions. However, the account was deleted.

It was a video of a party at the posh Pony Kampen club on the German North Sea island of Sylt that caused shock, outrage and legal repercussions as well.

“Aliens are out”

The video, which spread on social media, shows young Germans celebrating. Chanting racist slogans such as: “Foreigners abroad” and “Germany for Germans”.

A young man imitates someone while putting his fingers under his nose Hitler's beard. One person points with his hand Hitler salute at least.

“I was drunk, shame on me.”

The young man in particular who supposedly imitated Hitler's beard has allegedly apologized on social media, at least that's what Bild reported. “I want to publicly and sincerely apologize for what happened. I apologize to anyone we may have hurt,” the statement read.

He made a “really huge mistake” and is ashamed of it. He could not explain why he did this. He is drunk The statements were not an expression of his internal position. he have Submitted to the police He will bear the legal consequences.

“I can imagine that many people reading this now will not believe that I am so sorry,” the young man said on a social media account he has since deleted. But he was raised to be cosmopolitan and tolerant and also had friends with immigrant backgrounds.

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The club has publicly distanced itself from the incident and, according to Bild, has now filed criminal charges against five people. In addition, several of those involved are said to have been fired from their jobs. Meanwhile, police are investigating the suspicion Incitement to hatred and use of unconstitutional signs.

“Classic Nazi style”

Meanwhile, the German federal government's anti-Semitism commissioner, Felix Klein, was shocked by the racist chants shouted by the young party guests.

“Not because the existence of such misanthropic ideology surprises me, but because it has clearly become part of popular culture and socially acceptable in an environment that must recognize that foreigners contribute greatly to our prosperity.” For him, the incident is evidence of the penetration of misanthropic ideology into society.

Klein added: “Anyone demanding a ‘Germany for Germans’ in classic Nazi fashion excludes all supposedly ‘non-German’ and supposedly less valuable groups, including people with a migrant background, Sinti and Roma, but also Jews. Glad that like “This behavior will not go unpunished.”