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Biden and Putin meet at the Geneva summit - Politics -

Biden and Putin meet at the Geneva summit – Politics –

Biden and Putin give “Villa La Grange” near Geneva

After years of intense confrontation between Washington and Moscow, US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin will hold their first summit on Wednesday. The Kremlin has announced that the eagerly awaited meeting on Biden’s initiative will begin around 1pm CEST in Geneva and last four to five hours. Three years ago, Putin introduced Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump at a summit in Helsinki, Finland.

Biden had invited Putin to the summit in order to point out the “red lines” in light of Moscow’s policies, which are under increasing criticism in the West. However, the presidents of the two largest nuclear powers want to talk about common interests. Experts expect that Putin and Biden will be able to start new negotiations on denuclearization and control of arsenals. According to information received from both sides, the topics are also the conflicts in Afghanistan, Libya and Syria and the dispute over the nuclear programs of Iran and North Korea.

Biden announced that he would criticize the growing repression and human rights abuses in Russia. Washington also believes that Moscow is behind cyber attacks on US facilities and accuses Russia of interfering in the US elections. Russia rejects these allegations. Putin and Biden see the relationship between their two countries, overshadowed by numerous sanctions, at a “low point”.

The meeting in Geneva marked the culmination and climax of Biden’s first trip abroad as President of the United States in Europe, where, after the end of the G7 summit in Cornwall, he also participated in a high-level meeting of NATO, the USA and the European Union. in Brussels. After their meeting, Biden and Putin want to appear separately in front of the cameras.

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