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After the jury verdicts “Let’s Dance,” former Bachelorette Sharon Batiste is in tears

“Cha-cha-cha” stirs emotions

After the jury’s “Let’s Dance” decision, Sharon Batiste breaks down in tears

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It’s Hot With “Lets Dance”

Sharon Batiste doesn’t just drive Christian Polanque crazy

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The jury pulls out tropes of their point of view — and suddenly the tears are rolling.

Week after week, Sharon Batiste is taking more points from the Let’s Dance judges. And in the fourth show there is hardly any room for improvement! The former Bachelorette puts Cha Cha Cha on the floor and not only impresses the judges, but suddenly she gets completely overwhelmed with feelings. We show emotional scenes in awarding points with video.

Sharon Batiste wants to enjoy her “Let’s Dance” time to the fullest

Sharon Batiste pulls off the 80’s special “Let’s Dance” (stream here on RTL+) She spins around her thighs and makes “She Drives Me Crazy” a part of the show, because the judges are crazy about her. “You totally pulled it off. You had good positions, your feet were right, the rhythm was there and you looked great in your dress,” said Joachim Lambie.

Even before Sharon gets the jury’s result, emotions run a maelstrom. When asked by presenter Victoria Swarovski about her goal on “Let’s Dance,” the 31-year-old exploded: “The goal here is to enjoy every second. Somehow it clicks, I want to step on the gas here!”

When Sharon then learns the magic score of 28, a few tears run down her face. In this case, of course, only pure tears of joy! (rga)

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