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The Hague Theater Summer – First additional performance has been fixed

The Hague Theater Summer – First additional performance has been fixed

Preparations for the main production “Ella, Ella”, which will premiere on June 28, are in full swing and ticket sales show that visitors to The Hague Summer Theater are looking forward to “Greece on The Hague Main Square”. “Fortunately, the interest is so great that there will be a first additional show on Thursday, July 27th,” said HaagKultur’s general manager Gerhard Stöbur.

As is known, art director Christian Dolezal managed to convince Ruth Brauer Kvam to direct this year’s play. Brauer-Kvam has been a successful director and actress in Austria for years. As has been the norm for years, the country’s best comedians will once again take to the stage: including Ines Hoensel, famous from the TV series “Furstadtviber”. Also in attendance are Caroline Frank, Lisa-Lena Treacher, Clemens Berndorf and Florian Karoff, who will be playing Haag for the third time. “With Ella, Ella!” We’ll bring ancient Greece to The Hague. “This comedy loosely based on Aristophanes’ Lysistrata will provide charm and plenty of laughs,” says artistic director Christian Dolezal.

Tickets for “Ella, Ella” and events in the Perlen series are available from the Hague Theater Sommer office on 07434/44600 or by email ([email protected]). Maps can also be purchased via the homepage can be obtained.

The Hague Pearl Row

Sunday, July 2, 11 a.m.: Maria Köstlinger & Juergen Maurer, “Love is…” (a humorous foray into love literature)

Sunday, July 2, 8:15 PM: MMS Haag and Rocky & Friends, “Heroes” (concert)

Sunday, July 9, 8:15 p.m.: The Quetschwork Family, “Scratch When It Itures” (concert)

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Wed, July 12th at 8:15pm: Centerfield – Top 30 Years of Rock (concert)

Sunday, July 23, 8:15 p.m.: Christian Dolezal, “Herzenschlamberen” (nightclub)

Sunday, July 30, 8:15 p.m.: Katharina Strasser & Band, “Don’t Worry – 50 Years of Austropop” (concert)

Thursday, August 3, 8:15 PM: Herbert Becksner, “Tour 2023” (Concert) (Sold Out)

Saturday August 5th, 8:15pm: Lukas Resetarits, “About Life” (nightclub)