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After the Netanyahu era: Israeli Foreign Minister Jair Lapidet promises a different approach to the United States

Israel’s new foreign minister Jair Lapid Is United States Instead of a long-serving prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu Promised another contract. “Mistakes have been made in the last few years. The bipartisan image of Israel has been damaged, Lapidet said in a meeting with US Secretary of State Anthony Bling on Sunday. Rome. “We will fix these mistakes together.” Blingen stressed that there would be differences, but the two countries had the same goals.

Lapidte said he had spoken with senior Democrat and Republican U.S. politicians and reminded them that Israel shared fundamental values ​​of the United States. “We have differences of opinion,” he said. But it’s not about the basic goals, but about the way to get there.

Concerns about the Iran deal

For example, he cited “serious” concerns with the intent of negotiating a US return to the nuclear deal Iran. Disagreements, however, should be discussed face-to-face, not publicly.

Netanyahu had the 2015 deal made when he was president of the Democratic Party Barack Obama Negotiated, always publicly criticized. Heir to Obama’s Republican Party Donald Trump He later withdrew from the deal and made a number of pro-Israel decisions overall. Instead of Trump and Netanyahu, both governments are restructuring their relations.

President of the United States Joe Biden Outgoing Israeli President Reuven Rivlin receives at the White House on Monday. Rivlin, who has been president since 2014, will step down on July 9.

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