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After the potato mash attack: Museums fear the impact on operations

After the potato mash attack: Museums fear the impact on operations

The museum union recommended that the artworks be glazed and use more staff as security measures, Plath explained Monday. However, glazing in large formats is not at all possible. A pane of glass can only be hung in front of the plate. “And these measures, like more staff, cost a lot of money – and not all museums can afford it,” the expert said. “You only have 100% security if the work is in the basement of the warehouse.”

The day after the attack, the Potsdam Barberini Museum expanded the controls on visitors. “As part of the heightened security measures, bags are being checked,” a museum spokeswoman said Monday upon request. Moreover, only bags no larger than DIN A4 can be carried at the fair. According to the spokesperson, the photo is supposed to be shown again in the exhibition room on Wednesday after the restorer examines it

According to a museum spokeswoman, climate activists carried shoulder bags during the attack that were proportional to the size that could be carried in the exhibition. “The mashed potatoes were in small bowls that could theoretically be worn on the body unnoticed.” According to the spokeswoman’s latest information, a total of five to six people participated in the attack.

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