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After years of waiting: EVN's Gnadendorf-Stronsdorf wind farm has been approved

After years of waiting: EVN's Gnadendorf-Stronsdorf wind farm has been approved

The energy project in Lower Austria has been stuck in the approval process for eight years.

The longest wind energy permit project in Austria Gnadendorf-Stronsdorf (Mistelbach district) has now come to an end after eight years. the Federal Administrative Court It rejected the objections of wind energy opponents and thus gave the wind energy project the green light, EVN said in a press release.

“We now have a permit to build wind turbines here in Gnadendorf-Stronsdorf. We now have to check exactly what the next steps will look like,” said EVN spokesman Stefan Zack. In the past eight years, the world has continued to transform and wind energy has also made tremendous progress. .

“There are now wind turbines that generate much more electricity. We will use the next few days to clarify whether we will build the wind turbines originally planned or whether we will build one A more modern model It changes. Now we'll just be happy, after all, we've been waiting for this for a really long time.

Through cases

before More than ten years EVN has started with its project plans. The company wants to build its original project in the Weinviertel communities of Gnadendorf and Stronsdorf Eight wind turbines The building thus generates green electricity equivalent to approx 20,000 families To produce.

Residents are also behind the project. In a referendum held in Stronsdorf on 30 November 2014, with a turnout of 70 percent, nearly two-thirds voted in favor of the wind farm. After the neighboring community of Gnadendorf was also supportive of the project, EVN presented the project in 2015 Environmental impact assessment a. Since then, the project has been in various appeals.

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