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Kirchberg: Vehicle inspection camera for fiber optic internet expansion

Against the background of the infrastructure scale “Fiber Internet Expansion”, all streets, alleys, paths and squares of the community are driven by a suitable metering vehicle on behalf of Meridiam / Alpenglas fiber GmbH.

Bilash Valley. Traffic area images are entirely generated by the measuring vehicle. A complete inventory data collection is then performed on the basis of this image.

This is what cars look like.  |  Photo: Photo: © Hansa Luftbild

necessary for planning

During the investigation, high-resolution, geo-referenced image sequences are generated along the routes. The data collected is necessary in order to complete the municipal fiber optic internet attack planning work. Mobile data acquisition is the basis for completing planning work. Inspection and data recording is harmless in terms of data protection. All necessary permits are available.


Hansa Luftbild AG complies with all legal regulations, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the DSG. Hansa Luftbild AG has been tasked with making all generated image data completely anonymous.

More territory here

This is what cars look like.  |  Photo: Photo: © Hansa Luftbild
Fiber Optic Internet |  Photo: Photo: Pixabay

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