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Agreement on a grand alliance in Romania

Agreement on a grand alliance in Romania

After two months of political crisis, the ruling liberals and social democrats in Romania agreed to form a grand coalition. On Sunday, the two parties also agreed on a rotation process at the head of the government until the parliamentary elections in December 2024. Accordingly, Nikolai Siuka of the right-wing liberal National Liberation Party and Marcel Siolaku of the Social Democratic Party will serve as prime minister. Year and a half.


Former Defense Minister Ciuca at the head of the government

According to Ciuca, it will be decided on Monday which of the politicians will take the post of prime minister first. The Hungarian Minority Party (UDMR) will also be represented in the coalition. After Liberal Prime Minister Florin Cito was ousted by a vote of no-confidence in early October, the country was in a political crisis. Negotiations to form a majority government failed for weeks.

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