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This punishment can threaten to refuse vaccination from February in 5 minutes

This punishment can threaten to refuse vaccination from February in 5 minutes

The federal minister, however, said she is sure that mandatory vaccination can be constitutionally achievable, according to media reports in ORF . Press Clock Sunday, November 21 against ORF and Standard. Edtstadler He was also convinced that the compulsory vaccination itself is not so much an encroachment on the lives of Austrian citizens as a lockdown that begins tomorrow.

ÖVP Constitution Minister Caroline Edstadler was a guest at ORF’s Press Hour.

© BKA / Florian Schrotter

First call, then punishment

Administrative penalties are considered for those who do not wish to be vaccinated after February 1. First, though, you want to invite people to a date, and if that doesn’t work, fines are planned. The amount is still open, but there is a framework with a draft planned mandatory vaccination of health professions. This includes 3,600 euros as a fine.

The age limit has not yet been clarified

Another point in the press hour was about the exceptions and how long this mandatory vaccination lasts. Of course, there will be exceptions, especially for those people who can cite medical reasons for not being vaccinated, as the ÖVP Constitution Minister knows. It is also possible that the service life will be limited. For example, you mentioned reaching a certain vaccination rate as a possible clue. In any case, the minimum age to which the compulsory vaccination is applicable must be indicated.

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