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“AI has already reached Carinthian companies”

“AI has already reached Carinthian companies”

Artificial intelligence is not a foreign word for entrepreneurs in Carinthia. This quickly became clear at an expert panel on AI in practice at this year's Economic Forum organized by Raiffeisen Landesband in cooperation with the newspaper Kleine Zeitung. Or as Eva Eggeling of the Austrian think tank Fraunhofer put it succinctly: “There is still room for improvement in Carinthia, but we have exciting companies and really great solutions.”

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One of these is Springer Maschinenfabrik. “We are using Chat GPT, installing a chatbot for customers and planning another for employees, which will be linked to the knowledge database,” explained Franz Josef Neubauer from Friesach Industrial. In addition, AI-powered applications are used for purchasing, inventory management and timber grading.

Kärnten Werbe had a very special concierge for about a year. “The chatbot has answered 9,000 inquiries from guests so far. “We say it is our student,” says Michael Omshad Neubauer of Karnten Werbe. Tax consultant Christiane Holzinger has also incorporated artificial intelligence into her company because data can be recorded more quickly. JW Company: “With ChatGPT, you can also experiment more and try more provocative headlines in your newsletters.”

Infineon is a provider of smart sensors and AI is used in many areas of the company. “We have optical detection to monitor the quality of microchips,” says Infineon's Daniel Valtiner, for example. We are currently working on applying AI for troubleshooting