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AI: The job platform now uses ChatGPT

AI: The job platform now uses ChatGPT

Austria’s largest job platform now offers access to artificial intelligence when entering job advertisements. ChatGPT is built into the input mask. This allows companies to automatically generate job postings based on job titles. Drafts contain responsibilities, requirements and qualifications and can be supplemented with information on the workplace, minimum gross salary and benefits as well as additional information and processed manually after generation. The use of the service is free for customers.

Especially for small businesses

“We are the first job platform in Austria to use artificial intelligence in to make it easier for companies to create job advertisements. Our aim is to make relevant new technologies available in our products and to support our customers in the best possible way,” explains Georg Konjewicz, CEO at Particularly small companies that don’t have their own HR department should spend less effort crafting job postings, since ChatGPT provides them with a ready-made draft, which they can then customize and edit.”

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