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Waste controllers: increased mandates for members due to pollution in Vienna

Waste controllers: increased mandates for members due to pollution in Vienna

Last year, the Waste Watcher and the personnel of the 48th and 42nd MA issued more than 381,000 punitive orders. The number increased compared to the previous year. But who are the waste watchers?

Vienna. They ensure more cleanliness in Vienna and look at the huge waste, dog feces, cigarette butts, shopping carts and throwing leftovers: “Waste monitorsFor nearly 15 years they have been looking for irresponsible people in Vienna and are allowed to impose penalties on members and, if necessary, report fees that can cost up to €2,000.

In 2017, administrative penalties for administrative offenses were increased in accordance with the Vienna Hygiene Ordinance: for the authority’s jurisdiction 50 eurosin severe cases 90 euros required. From 2016 to the end of 2022 it was pretty gross 49373 Issuing penal orders for members. In addition, during the said period 5684 Provided direct ads. This is explained by a query from the Vienna FPÖ by the Eco-City Council Jurgen Chernorsky (SPÖ).

currently 40 Waste monitor full time and around 630 Trained personnel in MA 48 and MA 42 (Vienna City Gardens). This past year a little more than 381,000 Members sanction orders were issued – most in September (39,930) and least in January (15,520).

“significant reduction in pollution”

“In addition to information and motivation, the provision of infrastructure (such as paper baskets, dog waste bag dispensers) and cleaning measures, and the possibility and imposition of penalties for pollution contribute significantly to the cleanliness of public spaces,” Chernoworsky says.

Jürgen Chernoworsky (right) on a date with the waste monitors.  (archive) |  Photo: PID/Votava

He explained that since the entry into force of the Thatcher Hygiene and Waste Use Act in Vienna, a “significant decrease” in pollution has been observed. The money that comes from the fines is said to be used for the purpose of cleaning up streets with public traffic and publicly accessible green spaces as well as publicly accessible water areas.

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Vienna currently has 3,900 dog waste bag dispensers, over 20,000 general waste bins, 1,200 freestanding ash tubes and 13 dung sites.

Punishment orders for members according to the Hygiene Law:

  • 2016: 166,846
  • 2017: 287,523
  • 2018: 29437
  • 2019: 289,841
  • 2020: 211,200
  • 2021: 289,345
  • 2022: 381,385

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