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Airbnb offers 20,000 refugees free lodgings

Airbnb offers 20,000 refugees free lodgings

Airbnb is temporarily providing free accommodation to about 20,000 Afghan refugees. Airbnb President Brian Chesky said Tuesday that the situation for Afghan refugees in the United States and elsewhere in the world was “one of the biggest humanitarian crises” at the time. The company feels a responsibility to help.

The show is funded by the Airbnb leadership themselves and by donations. Chesky explained that Airbnb will pay for the show, but this is only achieved through the “generosity” of the hosts. On the Twitter portal, interested parties are asked to register via the platform if they wish to provide shelter to an Afghan family.

The Residence Portal offers its hosts the opportunity to temporarily offer their accommodations for a good cause free of charge since 2012, for example in the event of natural disasters or flight from conflict areas. According to the US government, about 50,000 foreign and Afghan nationals have fled Afghanistan through Kabul airport since the Taliban came to power.

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