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Kathy Hochhol takes over New York after the Cuomo scandal

Kathy Hochhol takes over New York after the Cuomo scandal

The 62-year-old is the first female head of state.

After the sexual harassment scandal perpetrated by outgoing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, his successor, Kathy Hochhol, is now responsible for running the US state. On Tuesday (local time), the 62-year-old was the first woman to assume political leadership for the important region of about 20 million people and the east coast city of the same name.

Hochul represents the more conservative wing of the New York Democrats and has been Cuomo’s deputy since 2015, when he was in his third term in office. She has promised more transparency and a better working climate in higher government departments than at the time of her predecessor. She chose two distinguished women, Karen Persicelli Keough and Elizabeth Fine, for two of her highest advisory positions. According to Huechul, he plans to run for a full term in 2022.

Como abdication

The mood around Komos was described in a report as “antagonistic” to women and a “climate of fear”. Cuomo had resigned two weeks ago after ten years after an official investigation alleged that he sexually harassed several women. Then US President Joe Biden called for his resignation.

In a farewell address on Monday, fallen Democratic candidates called the scandal “unfair.” There were “moments of intense political pressure and media hype” that led to a quick verdict. Cuomo does not seem to see his guilt despite the testimony of several women: “The allegations have yet to be examined and confirmed, whether by a woman or a man,” he said.

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