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Airbus is ahead of Boeing: the European Union manufacturer expands its lead

Airbus is ahead of Boeing: the European Union manufacturer expands its lead

Hope A321neo
Photo: Lando Haas

The European aircraft manufacturer is witnessing a flood of orders and is working to expand its lead over its American competitor. He has to deal with defect reports – and receive mail from investigators.

MMore aircraft were delivered last year, more new orders were collected and many more orders to be processed over the next few years – according to the figures, the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus is ahead of its American rival Boeing. Boeing is currently dealing with more inconsistencies and more problems. After part of the plane fell off during a 737 Max 9 flight and left a hole in the fuselage, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has now launched an investigation. Within ten days, Boeing is expected to comment on the suspicion that the delivered aircraft did not conform to the approved design and therefore could not be fit for safe operation, the FAA announced in a letter to Boeing published Thursday evening.

The longstanding equal playing field in the Airbus-Boeing duopoly has shifted in Airbus's favor after two 737 MAX 8 crashes in 2018 and 2019. At the beginning of the year, the Europeans had 8,598 aircraft orders on their books for the next few years. This is about 50 percent more than Boeing aircraft. The American group cannot complain about the lack of demand, but it has accumulated orders amounting to only 5,626 aircraft. Last year, Airbus – itself riddled with obstacles – was able to deliver 735 aircraft to its customers, while Boeing was able to deliver 528 aircraft. A few years ago, they each had more than 800 aircraft.

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