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Airbus-Aktie zieht an: Airbus gründet neue Flugzeugstruktur-Tochter in Frankreich - Wohl weiter größter Flugzeugbauer

Airbus stake rises: Airbus establishes new aerostructures subsidiary in France – arguably still the largest aircraft manufacturer | 01/03/22

Airbus established a new subsidiary on January 1st.

Airbus Atlantic combines the strengths, resources and competencies of the group’s locations in Nantes and Montoir-de-Bretagne, the central functions associated with its activities and the global locations of Stelia Aerospace, Airbus SE announced. The European group announced its establishment in April as part of the reorganization of its airframe group in Europe.

To this end, two new companies must be founded – one in France, which has now happened with Airbus Atlantic – and the other in Germany. Reorganization aims to strengthen the value chain and improve the production process.

Airbus Atlantic has now announced that it will play a major role in the supply chain for airframes. With 13,000 employees in five countries on three continents and a turnover of approximately 3.5 billion euros, the company ranks second in airframes, first in pilot seats and among the top three in business and first-class passenger seats that will continue to be sold under the brand Stelia Aerospace.

According to an announcement in April, the new subsidiary in Germany will combine the activities of Stade and structural assembly in Hamburg with those of the Premium Aerotec subsidiary in Nordenham, Bremen and partly in Augsburg.

Airbus will likely offer more jet aircraft than planned – and it remains the largest aircraft manufacturer

Informed sources said that the aircraft manufacturer Airbus exceeded its delivery target of 600 machines last year. Thanks to a recent boom in December, the manufacturer has delivered a total of about 610 aircraft to its customers, Bloomberg News reported Monday, citing people familiar with the numbers. The data is currently being verified, so the exact number is not known yet. In any case, the European group will be the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world for the third year in a row, ahead of its American rival Boeing.

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After a number of new orders towards the end of the year, Airbus may have left its competition behind in terms of the order book as well. An Airbus spokesman did not comment on the information. Therefore, official figures are not scheduled to be published until next week.

On Monday, Airbus’ titles temporarily rose 3.33 per cent to €115.44 via XETRA.

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