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Airbus takes a test flight using 100% biofuel

Airbus takes a test flight using 100% biofuel

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European aircraft manufacturer Airbus and French airlines have tested a plane that uses completely sustainable fuels. As the group announced on Friday, the A319neo test aircraft started the day before in the Toulouse region with SAF fuel.


Test flight results should be available next year

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is currently produced primarily from biomass such as vegetable oils and edible oils that are no longer used. This biofuel aims to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but is currently much more expensive than regular kerosene.

Airbus is working on the project with technology group Safran, aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation, French aviation research center Onera, and the French Ministry of Transport. Airbus expects full biofuel flight and ground test results for next year.

Airlines continue to experiment with SAF biofuels, but mostly as a blend. Air France took off on a long-haul flight for the first time in May with a sustainable fuel blend made from French-produced edible oil.

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