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Grandpa embarks on a journey through time

Grandpa embarks on a journey through time

The world of cars, endless spaces. Year 1996. Citroen sends Berlingo on its way. The world’s first high-top station wagon. Find all the space giants.

The third generation is now navigating the Earth’s galaxy. However, now begins a new journey through time for the famous French. Because Citroen electrifies the Berlingo.

50 kWh battery

The drive shares the original with the Peugeot Partner and Opel Combo brothers group. The batteries contain 50 kWh, the power is enough for 275 km. Don’t say Scotty, say WLTP. Of course, the value is only a guide, because of course the mileage depends on many factors, Citroen says. No car manufacturer is usually this careful when it comes to driving information.

The technical basis for the Berlingos passenger car is the Stellantis Group’s E-CMP platform. Attached to this is a 100 kW (136 hp) electric motor, which delivers up to 260 Nm. This power plant generates enough thrust for five seats, which are available in two lengths (M: 4.40 metres, XL: 4.75 metres).

Too many helpers

The assistance package is packed with trailer stability control, hill descent assist, keyless, etc. The infotainment system also works with Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

Grandpa embarks on a journey through time

As usual, clearly laid out

The battery can be charged at 11 kW (three-phase alternating current) and 100 kW (DC). The battery filled to 80 percent again in just half an hour.

Citroen gives eight years or 160,000 kilometers on the battery (at 70 percent performance). (love)

I Berlingo

The M version carries 775 liters of payload, while the XL model accommodates from 1050 to 3,500 liters. Loading length is 2.70 and 3.05 meters. The modutop conventional multifunctional roof has 92 liters of storage space. e-Berlingo is available from €38,050.

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