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Aircraft factory in crisis: The Boeing tragedy

Aircraft factory in crisis: The Boeing tragedy

WEliam Boeing is known for his great emphasis on quality work. An incident is recorded about him: As he was walking through a factory, he saw a rickety aircraft cable, and said with disgust: “For me, I would rather close up shop than leave such a business out.” She played a major role in this, helping to make the aircraft manufacturer an American industrial icon. Boeing has long had a reputation for delivering technical masterpieces of uncompromising quality.

Today, that glorious past seems like a distant memory. In less than five years, two Boeing CEOs were involved in accidents for which the company was largely responsible. The first change in command came after two Boeing 737 MAX planes crashed, killing a total of 346 people. At that time, Dave Calhoun took over the leadership with the aim of restoring the lost confidence. Instead, Boeing's reputation was further tarnished when a door-sized fuselage section fell off a 737 MAX during a flight in January. The horrific images of the large hole in the plane were reminiscent of disaster movies, and Boeing was lucky that no one was seriously injured. Calhoun will now also be replaced, but who will succeed him remains unclear.

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