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Airport area - a planned logistics center on an area of ​​21 hectares

Airport area – a planned logistics center on an area of ​​21 hectares

It seems that interest in the work areas in the immediate vicinity of the airport has not stopped. Then, a 70,000 square meter logistics center with several individual operations will be built on a plot of approximately 21 hectares.

The real estate developer Helios Real Estate is responsible for this. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2022. A similar purchase agreement for the property has now been signed by Airport Board Member Gunther Offner, Wolfgang Scheppenbflug, Director of Real Estate and Site Management, and Christoph Traunig, Europe Director of Helios Properties.

Airport Board of Directors: “Growth despite the crisis”

“AirportCity continues to grow despite the crisis: We are delighted to be able to welcome Helios Real Estate, another large international company,” Ofner said happily. The need for logistical and commercial space in the airport area has increased dramatically due to the disruption of global logistical flows during the pandemic.

“Only by maintaining air cargo flights can the supply of vital health goods and entire production be maintained. Without this essential supply chain, large parts of the economy would have come to a standstill,” Offner asserts that a reorganization of global logistics would lead to many One of the new settlement projects in the airport area. A total of 37 hectares of industrial areas have been allocated or built. “This enhances the quality of the airport area as a location, and the increase in the number of companies moving there also creates about 1,000 new jobs,” the airport board member says happily.

The reasons for the high level of interest in the site are clear, as Director of Site Administration Wolfgang Scheppenpflug explains: “Due to its proximity to the airport, direct connection to the Federal Highway 9 and the A4 motorway east, as well as rail infrastructure, the airport’s business districts provide Vienna with ideal conditions for business transport. Logistics companies in particular have these advantages.”

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Christoph Traunig of property firm Helios also describes the area as the “best location”. “We are very pleased that we were able to take advantage of this development option here and acquire one of the largest remaining areas in this region,” Troenig said, thanking the airport for its willingness “to conclude a large and complex agreement in difficult times like these.”