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Aktien Wien Closes: ATX Slightly in Red, ECB and Draghi in Focus | newsletter

VIENNA (dpa-AFX) – The Vienna Stock Exchange closed on Wednesday with moderate losses. The leading domestic ATX index fell 0.46 percent to 2,936.13 points. The broader ATX Prime index fell 0.41 percent to 1,483.96 points. After a friendly start, other stock markets slipped slightly. Many investors are likely to await further developments related to the Nord Stream 1 pipeline and the Italian government crisis as well as the European Central Bank’s interest rate decision on Thursday.

Oil shares were very popular in Vienna on Wednesday: Shares of the oil and gas group OMV rose 0.7 percent on high trading volume. The titles of oilfield provider Schuler-Blackman rose 1.9 percent. Among the daily gainers are Palfinger (up 3.98%) and AT&S (up 2.89%).

There were bigger losses in Swiss Post shares (minus 2.8 percent), and after the initial gains, banking stocks also turned significantly negative during trading in light of the possibility of higher interest rates. Shares of Erste Group (Erste Group Bank) lost 1.7 percent on higher trading volume. Shares of Raiffeisen Bank International (Raiffeisen) fell 0.8 percent.

Boag (Bawag) fell 1.2 percent in the run-up to the bank’s quarterly data on Thursday. Erste Group analysts expect profitability to increase this quarter with stable sales. Despite the increased costs of risk, the bottom line should be much higher than in the previous quarter and the same quarter last year, the experts wrote.

Further developments in Italy are now being closely followed in the financial markets. After his failed resignation, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi is now ready to remain in office. In a speech in the Senate, the nonpartisan economist called on the government parties, which have been at odds of late, to unite behind him and the government. Draghi now faces a vote of confidence in the Senate on Wednesday. The vote of confidence in the House of Representatives will begin on Thursday. Analysts at UniCredit see a confirmation from Draghi as the most likely outcome.

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An interest rate decision by the European Central Bank on Thursday is also eagerly awaited. Raising the interest rate by 25 basis points and thus the first high rate It has already been indicated for eleven years and is considered practically consistent. But recently, media reports have pointed to a stronger rate hike of perhaps 50 basis points.

Developments related to the Russian Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline are also closely followed. A day before the scheduled end of maintenance, the Russian President said Vladimir Putin Although the resumption of gas deliveries was confirmed, at the same time doubts were raised about the volume of future gas shipments. / mik/sto/APA/ngu