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Alain Delon is no longer allowed to manage his assets alone

Alain Delon is no longer allowed to manage his assets alone

A source familiar with the case said on Thursday that legal support for Alain Delon, who was previously primarily responsible for medical decisions, has now been expanded. “This means that he no longer has complete freedom to manage his assets,” she added.

It was not initially known whether a supervisor had already been appointed or who that supervisor might be. The increased care also means the caregiver has access to Dillon's bank account and can afford the 88-year-old's expenses.

Children are in a state

Alain Delon's three sons have been fighting for months over where and how to treat their father. Anushka, 33, recently filed a lawsuit against her two brothers, Anthony, 59, and Alain Fabian, 29, for violating their right to private life. Alain Fabian had published a secretly recorded conversation between Anushka and her father and accused her of manipulating her father.

The dispute revolves around, among other things, the question of whether the actor should spend his retirement at his home in France or move to Switzerland, where his daughter Anushka lives – and where the inheritance tax is likely to be lower. Dillon also holds Swiss citizenship.

According to eldest son Anthony Dillon, the movie star stipulated in his will that Anushka would inherit half of his fortune, and his two sons would inherit a quarter each. In public, the actor often prefers his daughter over his sons. According to French media, she not only has a leading position in the company that manages her father's licenses and advertising contracts, but also owns a villa with her own swimming pool on the Delon estate in Duchy, south of Paris. Dillon has suffered several strokes and, according to his children, has difficulty understanding himself.