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Album release: Oxymoron play Monopoly

Album release: Oxymoron play Monopoly

Linz. Upper Austrian rock band Oxymoron is back with a new album: “Monopoly” was produced with the participation of famous musicians. On Friday, May 12, the release will be celebrated with a concert in the Posthof. Tips gives away five albums and 3×2 free concert tickets.

The Monopoly album is about the stages of the popular board game and their real-life equivalents. At first, all players start at the same time (“Faites Vos Jeux”), but soon they must realize that some are far behind others (“Roll The Dice”). The system harbors more and more inequality. The rich buy in “Regent Street”, while others need social assistance (“Community Fund”). Some come to the rescue (“Chance”), others end up in jail or get blown up (“Go to Jail”). The bitter end at the end: “The Great Reset.”

The album was created with the participation of such famous musicians as Helmut Bebel (Falco), Robbie Mosenbechler (Reinhard Fendrich), Frank Pan (Bonfire) and others.

Gig release

Oxymoron (live lineup: Christoph Wolf, Mario Boncic, Bianca Altretter, Reinhard Fitzinger and Bernard Wells) will perform the album on Friday, May 12, 8pm at Posthof on the “Great Reset” 2023 tour. Support comes from the band Misses Doe.

More information about the band and the album at www.oxymoron.rocksConcert tickets in www.posthof.atÖ ticket.

Tips gives away five albums and 3×2 free concert tickets.

5×1 CD “Monopoly” by Oxymoron

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