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This was the world premiere of Sisi's second season in Vienna

This was the world premiere of Sisi’s second season in Vienna

On December 14, the new season of RTL + premieres in Schönbrunn – with actors and celebrities.

Season 2 of the event series can be watched on RTL+ on December 16th. A free TV premiere will follow on December 27 and 28 on RTL and ORF 1. For the world premiere of season two, Sisi is presented by actress Dominique Davenport and “Franzel”, played by Yannick Schumann, in the imperial city of Vienna Honor. , together with the marketer arriving at IP Austria, not far from Schönbrunn Palace, was invited to the presentation and first party at the Parkhotel Schönbrunn, where local contacts and the media had already been “trellized”.

The regent couple was accompanied by his “court staff”: David Korpmann (Count Gruner), Tanya Schleff (Countess Esterházy), Giovanni Fontati (Count Gyula Andrassy), Julia Stemberger (Duchess Ludovica V), Bernd Holcher (Otto von Bismarck), Amanda da Gloria (Emmanuel), Morathan Moslow (Audun Kortek), Romy Schroeder (Marie), Marie-Sophie von Reibnitz (Eugénie de Montijo), Boris Alinowicz (Napoleon III) plus Miguel Alexander (director), Andreas Gotzeit (producer) and Elena Hill (writer) ).

An Imperial Evening: Premiere of “Al-Sisi” Season 2 in Vienna

“Makes me feel a little bit like an empress.”

“In the spirit of the People’s Empress, who was a media star and role model in her day, the second season will be a multimedia event: on RTL +, on free TV, on YouTube and as a podcast, as well as in social media. Walter Zinggel, Managing Director of IP Austria, said. On premiere: “Access to all channels worth accessing: Sissy is a ratings queen and this makes our advertising clients especially happy.”

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“It is an honor to celebrate the premiere of the second season of “Sisi” in Vienna. This is something special for me because I know that Austrians have a special relationship with Sisi. Sitting in this wonderful room at the Parkhotel Schönbrunn gives me the feeling of being an empress,” says Dominique Davenport.

“After we’ve been talking about the Hofburg in Latvia for months, it’s great to finally be where Sisi and Franz really lived. Here in Vienna is the perfect setting for our premiere!” says Yannick Schumann.

Premier Company

The following came after an invitation from IP Austria, RTL +, ORF and Beta Film to the premiere in a majestic venue: Sandra Bijelic (Kapsch), Andrea Bogad-Radatz (ORF), Beatrice Cox-Riesenfelder (International Advertising Association), Sonja Dirnböck ( McDonald’s), Andreas Ferner (Cabaret Artist), Xaver Hutter (Actor), Katharina Jeschke (IMZ International Music + Media Center), Manuela Kowarz (Chanel), Daniel Kreutzenberger (Bavaria Film), Christina Lugner (Entrepreneur), Evamaria Mayer ( CGTN), Claudia Moroni (ZDF), Volker Peschek (mediator), Dieter Poklatko (film Ipo-film), Yuri Revic (musician), Wolfgang Rist (film 27), Cesare Samson (musician), Riccardo Simonetti (mediator), Robert Stadlauber (Actor) or Gabriela Maria Straka (Brauunion).