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Aldi offers “German Week” during Oktoberfest in America, but Germans laugh their heads off when it comes to products

Aldi offers “German Week” during Oktoberfest in America, but Germans laugh their heads off when it comes to products

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Shoppers at Aldi during Oktoberfest occasionally receive strange offers; They’re even weirder during “German Week” in America.

Chicago – There are more than 2,300 Aldi stores in 1,400 cities in the United States. The discount also tries to attract customers with specials in the US. With Oktoberfest underway in Germany, a resourceful PR staffer might have thought that a “German week” would be the perfect special. So Aldi advertised with what it claimed were German classics.

Aldi advertises with German Week in America: “No need for lederhosen”

On the X (formerly Twitter) site, Aldi USA wrote: “Start the Oktoberfest festivities with delicious German treats. No need for leather pants. Some American customers don’t need to be told twice to march to Aldi. There they took pictures of various items found in the shelves. Germany had some very adventurous moments as can be seen from the reactions to the videos.

Spinach and Ricotta Strudel or “German Style Brats – Beer Bratwurst” is available in the freezer during German Week at Aldi in the US. © Screenshot TikTok / Twitter

Aldi’s German Week in the US: Bee stings or fancy spinach and ricotta strudel?

For example, a user who took a picture of the shelves saw “Bavarian soft pretzels” in the freezer, which is not uncommon in Germany now. There’s also “Chocolate Cream Cake”, “Cherry Frangipane Tart” or “Bee Sting”. Also “Chicken Schnitzel” or, “Spinach & Ricotta Strudel”, which looks like apple strudel but is filled with spinach and ricotta. This production causes a lot of laughter among German commentators. “Soooooooo German,” one writes ironically, or “yeah, exactly, that’s typically German,” adds another. However, Americans picture products in supermarkets as meticulously as a German Aldi customer counts the sausages in his bin.

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Funnily enough, Friesland has special “potato sticks”. In Aldi’s freezer section you can find “German Style Brats – Beer Bratwurst” – recommended to be eaten on a hot dog. Typical “herring fillets” are served with chocolate cookies or muesli. Some Britons also commented on the videos and wished that some of the products were also available in Aldi stores in the UK. “Give me a bee. God. Can we have a German week too,” writes one user. Some Germans can only laugh at pumpernickel bread, which is sealed airtight.

German Week Ulti Germany Wiesn Oktoberfest
Americans were able to buy “pretzel bites” filled with cheddar cheese or “cranberry chicken sausage” during German Week. © Screenshot TikTok / Aldi

The Americans’ effort was generally not badly received, but the Germans laughed at some of the productions. However, some people find a certain Aldi trick at the checkout amusing, one that veers between clever and irresponsible. (ank)