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Voters believe they were deceived into donating to the Trump campaign – VG

Repeat: The Trump campaign had to repay more than a billion kroner to donors. Photo: MANDEL NGAN / AFP

A survey by the New York Times shows that the Trump campaign has led many donors to make repeated donations to the campaign. In total, the campaign had to repay more than a billion donors.


In a long case from the leading American newspaper New York Times It turns out that many believe they were deceived into making huge cash donations to former President Donald Trump’s presidential campaigns.

According to the newspaper, many who chose to donate money to the campaign did not realize that they had agreed to donate again and again. The amount of donations they choose to give should be deducted once a week, not just once, and should be well hidden from donors.

The money was withdrawn without knowing it

The newspaper writes about cancer patient Stacy Flat (63) who listened to the warnings of conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh about how badly the Trump campaign needs money. According to the newspaper, Flat, who lives on less than $ 1,000 a month, chose to donate as much as he could handle his wallet – $ 500.

People’s Sea: Donald Trump rallied thousands of spectators for public meetings during the 2020 presidential campaign. Here is from Castonia Municipal Airport in Castonia, North Carolina. Photo: Melissa Sue Gerits / Getty Images North America

The state record shows that this is his first political donation since the Trump campaign set the form for donations – but this is not his last. The next day, a new $ 500 was deducted from the flat’s account. Unbeknownst to the 63-year-old, the same thing happened every week until his bank account froze.

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Eventually, with the help of his brother, he discovered that the Trump campaign had deducted $ 3,000 from his account within 30 days.

The newspaper has given an interview to Gary Gopi, the digital director of the fundraising campaign, regarding the case, but he declined.

More than a billion had to be repaid

Overall, the Trump campaign had to repay 10.7 percent of all funds raised through the donation site WinRate. At the time of writing, this equates to more than a billion Norwegian kroner ($ 122 million).

In comparison, the Biden campaign had to repay 2.2 percent of the contributions they received through the Act Blue platform, which amounted to approximately 180 million kroner ($ 21 million).

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The New York Times spoke with several bank representatives who claim to be paying back from the Trump campaign, accounting for one to three percent of all fraudulent claims executed by banks.

As the election approaches it has become much harder to find

The newspaper writes that campaigners had to “wade” through a statement in small print and print it manually, and they repeatedly agreed on the amount to be deducted.

As the election approaches, studies by the New York Times show that the Trump campaign has shown even less of a sense of responsibility. At this point, the declaration of responsibility was introduced before the second election, which doubled the amount of donations including one.