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Alice Cooper has “the snake as well as the guillotine.”

Alice Cooper has “the snake as well as the guillotine.”

Alice Cooper showed a lot of anticipation for a Nova Rock performance with his band on Saturday as she headlined the Red Stage. In addition to classic songs, you can expect plenty of theatrical performances. “Of course! The snake is there and so is the guillotine. There are also new characters. It will be a show that even the old fans haven't seen yet.” The fact that he was on stage at the same time as Måneskin's guest appearance on the Blue Stage sparked his anger in an interview with the APA.

“Måneskin is playing at the same time as us? How crazy is that? So I can't watch Maneskin, it's too bad,” Cooper said. He doesn't see it as a competitive situation: “I don't see it as a competition. I love the great band Måneskin. I saw them and was really impressed by how good they are.”

The workload of Cooper, who tirelessly performs concerts, is also impressive. “This is a tour that never ends,” he laughed. “I'm at a point in my life now where I tour because I want to, not because I have to. I love making records and performing live on stage. I try to make every show my best.”

He was accompanied by a well-rehearsed band for years. “These musicians are amazing, they're all best friends,” Cooper showered them with roses. “There's no ego, and no one complains that they don't get enough solos. Everyone is having fun and can't wait to get on stage. These are not only great musicians, but they are also true performers. You know what you have to do on stage.”

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With “Road,” Cooper recently delivered another strong album. The focus of his live show is on hits: “When you've been around for a long time like the Stones, The Who, Aerosmith or Alice Cooper, everyone wants to hear very specific songs or they'll go home disappointed.” The singer explained. “Then there are a few important songs for the show. There's not much room for experimentation. But this time we want to introduce two or three songs that you wouldn't expect.”

Cooper also praised fans at festivals who brave the weather and fatigue. “I don't know the other side,” said the American. “I've never gone to a festival without performing. It seems very strange to me when people stand in front of the stage for a whole day in 40-degree weather. They must really love rock 'n' roll and be very loyal to the bands. Every now and then I go To a concert, and I recently went to see Bruce Springsteen, and it was amazing to sit and listen to it for 12 hours.

Despite the mostly best concerts, Alice Cooper still wants to go into the studio in the future: “The next album is almost finished,” he revealed. “It will likely be announced at the end of the year. Expect a surprise.” When asked about the decline in the importance of recordings, he emphasized: “It's no longer like it was in the seventies, when an album sold twelve million copies. Nowadays, albums are made primarily for the masses. And I love writing songs, so I'll keep recording.” albums.”

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(Interview conducted by Wolfgang Hauptmann/APA)

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