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Alice Cooper: Only Paul McCartney should use artificial intelligence

Alice Cooper: Only Paul McCartney should use artificial intelligence

Rock legend Alice Cooper (“School’s Out”, “Poison”) is excited about the further development of artificial intelligence (AI) in the coming years. “I think artificial intelligence will be interesting and dangerous,” Cooper, 75, told the German News Agency in London. “And when I say dangerous, I just mean that soon you won’t be able to believe what you hear or see.”

The former rock singer, who recently released his 29th album “Road”, fears that technology can be misused to deceive people. “AI can show you on TV that you are going to assassinate the pope,” Cooper said. “And you’re like, ‘What? I didn’t say that. That’s not me at all. But 90 percent of the people who see that are going to think it’s you.’

The veteran rock singer is convinced that soon it will not be possible to believe anything, not only in politics, but also in music. “Then think to yourself: ‘That’s not Bob Dylan who wrote that,’” Cooper said. But he doesn’t just expect flaws. “I also see that it could be very useful in many ways. I’m excited about the song that Paul McCartney wants to write with AI that John Lennon sings along to. That could be great.”

Alice Cooper has a suggestion for the future of artificial intelligence: “If it were up to me, Paul McCartney would be the only person allowed to use it,” he jokes. “And I think maybe we should make Tom Hanks president of the United States.”