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Festival director Krasnig wants “solutions instead of stagnation”

Festival director Krasnig wants “solutions instead of stagnation”

Under the slogan “Sea of ​​Change – The Art of Transformation”Cradle of the wordThey will focus more on their international acts with the fall edition of their festival “Europe in the Scene” in Wiener Neustadt. At the same time, a permanent international schedule will be offered.

“The festival highlights the art of transformation in all its forms,” he says. Festival director Anna Maria Krasnig. She is convinced that “the solutions of our time lie beyond strict binary thinking.”

In recent years, dramas about power and property have been the focus of Wortwiege’s productions at the Wiener Neustädter Kasematten. Now we want to offer an alternative to that, confirms the festival director.

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“Sea Change is a fascinating antidote to the mechanics of rigidity.” The art of transformation is inscribed in theatre. “The festival is inspired by the thinking of Virginia Woolf or William Shakespeare, but also by Mediterranean myths such as the ‘Race of Roland’ or the Metamorphoses of the Roman poet Ovid.


With “Dido” it exists Austria For the first time a Turkish work Choreographers And Dancers See Korhan Basaran. As well as the screening of “Lucy Wasn’t That Long Ago” by Zagreb writer and director Aleksandar Asif.

In “Orlando Journey”, a musical from Fox on Ice, the… Transformation journey For the legendary character Orlando. Also on the program: guest performance of Fritz von Herzmanowski-Orlando’s “Cavaliere Huscher” as well as Ovid’s Metamorphoses in a sample of the Cradle of Words.

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In the Salon Europe series of discussions, the need for transformational skills in the face of global challenges will be discussed with distinguished guests. in Theater series “to speak!” Krassig gave Virginia Woolf a prominent place, among others.

The festival director says: “We simply felt a desire to present a smooth, even nautical, program that talks about visions of transformation and solution in almost all fields, in contrast to the prevailing atmosphere of cohesion and division.”