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All analysts recommend buying this undiscovered stock

All analysts recommend buying this undiscovered stock

E-mobility is one of the biggest future markets. Specialized companies have always positioned themselves with proprietary solutions. According to experts, anyone who relies on this and buys the stake can make almost 200 percent profit.

Almost ten percent share pyramid (ISIN: DE000A254W52) since we discussed it here a week ago. Of course, with a speculative stock like this, a quick win doesn’t have to mean anything. Just like a quick loss doesn’t have to mean anything. Of course, sprinting to the top is always more fun. Keep in mind that there was no really noteworthy news about the German company in the past week. Experts are of the opinion that the debt-free company will continue to look big and the shares are still undervalued.

Pyramid specializes in touch screens that consumers use to place their orders in various self-service stores or restaurants. For example in the fast food chain McDonald’s, which is a major customer of the technology pearl. Incidentally, two analysis houses offered the paper, which now costs €2.38, a possibility of up to €4.30 and €4.80 respectively.

By the way, the experts give the speculative stock, which we would like to introduce here today, more potential which, like all speculative stocks, should only be added to your widely diversified portfolio in doses.

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