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All Graz under the banner of sports

All Graz under the banner of sports

The numbers are impressive: more than 3,000 athletes from 24 sports federations compete for medals in 250 competitions in four days of competition in 16 sports venues; By relaxing the procedures, spectators are also allowed.

The Grand Theater of “Marginal Sports”

And viewers are also important, because the finals of Sport Austria are primarily intended to provide a stage for so-called fringe sports, which are otherwise not in the interest of the media: these sports include, for example, frisbee, football, karate, fencing, guide ball or sit-down , sports acrobatics, swimming and synchronized diving.

At the opening ceremony on Wednesday evening, the president of Sport Austria, Hans Nissl, was enthusiastic and praised the organization of the event, which was doubly difficult given the coronavirus pandemic: “It was a huge challenge, but it was a success.”

A later date and therefore a postponement was not desirable, as the event is also part of Graz’s 2021 “Let’s Go! Graz.” Graz Mayor Siegfried Nagl (ÖVP) said the event should motivate people so they can do more for their bodies and their health again after the pandemic.

Emotions are back

Co-organizer Jürgen Winter says that the best sport, which is presented until Sunday, then brings emotions: “Of course the happiness is mostly because I am convinced that the sport will play its part, and we are of course happy with this year that will be held for the first time, here in Graz – and we have identified Already due next year.”

Warm-up program for the Olympics

There are also some athletes who have qualified for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo or are applying for tickets: Laura Steiger, who will represent Austria in Japan in mountain biking, competing in the Austrian Championships in Cross Country and Eliminator in Graz/Stattegg, or in gymnastics is the local champion Vincennes Hawk who was there, who just celebrated his World Cup win on the rings in Varna on Saturday.

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Both Formula 1 races in front of the full ranks?

Vice-Chancellor Werner Kugler (Greens) finally looks a bit ahead and the upcoming Formula 1 race in Spielberg on Wednesday night: while practically ‘everything is possible’ on the second in July, the first will be at the end of June Solve. Referring to 2020, when the Formula 1 World Cup started in Spielberg, he suggested that organizers of the first two races in Aichfield should be “the first to fully open”. It can be used as a test for the month of July. But he did not want to reveal more.