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Allegations of anti-Semitism: singer Ofrim placed two ads

Allegations of anti-Semitism: singer Ofrim placed two ads

Singer Gil Ofarim filed two criminal charges against a hotel employee in Leipzig during his interrogation in Munich last week. As the Leipzig prosecutor announced on Friday, the musician filed another complaint for false suspicion. Until now it was only known that the singer had been charged with “all possible criminal offenses” in connection with allegations of anti-Semitism.

The background is that the hotel employee informed Ofrim of the defamation charge. Tagspiegel had reported earlier. During interrogation in the Bavarian capital, Saxon investigators were on the scene. The investigation is carried out by the Criminal Police in Leipzig in coordination with the Public Prosecutor’s Office. A spokesman for the Public Prosecutor’s Office said the date for the results of the investigations could not be said at this time.

Ofrim had described in a well-formed video two weeks ago that a hotel employee had asked him to remove his chain bearing the Star of David. Ofrim is the son of Israeli musician Abi Ofrim (1937-2018) and was raised in Germany.

In addition to the reports of Ofarim and relevant hotel staff, the Prosecutor’s Office in Leipzig has received reports from uninvolved third parties regarding incitement to hatred.

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