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ARTE says goodbye to Bernard Hytenk and Udo Zimmermann (photo)

ARTE says goodbye to Bernard Hytenk and Udo Zimmermann (photo)

Strasbourg (OTS)

Sad days for the world of music: conductor Bernard Hytenk died at the age of 92, and composer Udo Zimmermann succumbed to a long illness at the age of 78. In memory of the musicians, ARTE Concert will present two concerts and an opera.

Tribute to Bernard Hytenk
Dutch conductor Bernard Hytenk died Thursday at the age of 92. In memory of Haytenk, who is internationally renowned for his role as principal conductor of the Amsterdam Keppo Concert Orchestra, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Staatskapelle Dresden, and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, ARTE Concert presents a concert under the musical direction of Haytenck with Patrick Messina and orchestra. French National Orchestra. Two jewels of Austrian repertoire have been interpreted: Mozart’s concerto for clarinet and orchestra and Bruckner’s Ninth Symphony. The ARTE Concert also enables the festive concert in Amsterdam from 2009, where the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra under Haitink will play Beethoven’s “Pastorale” and Gustav Mahler’s “Des Knaben Wunderhorn” songs.

Bernard Hytenk leads Mozart and Bruckner
With Patrick Messina Patrick Messina and the Orchester National de France under the direction of Bernard Hytenck interpret two jewels of Austrian repertoire at Radio France’s auditorium, Mozart’s Concerto for Clarinet, Orchestra and Bruckner’s Ninth Symphony. Mozart’s famous clarinet concerto is a brilliant and subtle dialogue between a soloist and orchestra in the classical concert format with three movements: allegro, adagio, and rondo (fast, slow, fast). The lyrical and melancholy Adagio has been known in many films, not least from Sidney Pollack’s “Out of Africa”. The evening ends with Anton Bruckner’s Ninth Symphony in D minor. The composer worked until his last breath on this unfinished work, his work
Roughness and severity soften long lyrical passages.

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Bernhard Heitenck: Festival Concert from Amsterdam (2009) The Royal Concert Geepau orchestra plays under the direction of Bernard Heitenck. The program includes the songs “Pastorale” by Beethoven from “Des Knaben Wunderhorn” by Gustav Mahler, whose works have long been a tradition at Christmas parties in Amsterdam. As a soloist, she is
Listen to Mezzo-soprano Christianne Stotijn.
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Tribute to Udo Zimmermann
Composer Udo Zimmermann, who was the director of the Leipzig Opera and conductor of the Wiender Symphonicer, has died at the age of 78 after a long illness. In memory of the founder of “Studio Neue Musik”, from which the Contemporary Music Center emerged in 1986, ARTE Concert presents the online production of the opera “White Rose”, presented recently at the 58th Golden Prague Festival for “exceptional artistic achievements”. Hamburg Opera House and director David Bosch staged the Zimmermann Chamber opera “White Rose” for Sophie Scholl’s 100th birthday. Opera is one of the
Most of the contemporary music acts that are played.

White flower
Scenes by Udo Zimmermann and 15 instrumentalists in 1986 Udo Zimmermann’s room opera “The White Rose” premiered at the Opera stable in Hamburg. She’ll be back there in 2021 – as a movie and in a new format. David Bush portrays “The White Rose” as a picture-opera. Opera, film art, animation, and historical materials such as original manuscripts combine to form a complete work of art. This interdisciplinary approach brings the history of the Scholl brothers present in a contemporary way. This aims to create awareness of a particularly sensitive chapter in our history. At the same time, the film is aimed at a young audience in terms of its design and relevance
So he sees himself as an order.

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