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Alliance for Health Promotion in the Workplace Grants | AssCompact

“As a health insurance company, it is very important for us not only to promote the health of our customers in the best possible way, but also the health of our employees. This is why we offer a wide range of health and prevention services. We are pleased that our commitment is also recognized by the BGF seal of approval from ÖGK, said Thomas Kellerberger, Head of Human Resources at Allianz Austria.

The offer to Allianz employees ranges from preventive programs including cardiovascular and vision screenings to online psychological counseling and fitness courses to workshops on healthy nutrition, stress management, growth mindset or healthy work in the home office. The need is determined on the basis of employee surveys. A dedicated team of experts works alongside representatives from the Human Resources department, company physicians, and the Business Council to derive and implement health promotion campaigns. As part of the Corporate Health Department, there are also Safety and Disability Representatives, Equal Opportunity Officers and the Re-employment Department, which is specifically concerned with the integration of employees after long-term sick leave. The development of the respective metrics is measured annually using the Allianz Work Well Index.

About the Seal of Approval for Health Promotion in the Workplace

The BGF Seal of Approval is given to those companies that have already incorporated workplace health promotion or corporate health management into regular operations and are seeking further sustainable development. In addition to inculcating company culture, quality standards include the type of needs assessment, appropriate measures, monitoring of results, and sustainability of specific activities.

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