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Allianz sieht Risiko erheblicher Auswirkung auf künftige Finanzergebnisse

Allianz sees significant risks to future financial results | 01/08/21

Allianz has identified risks of significant effects on the future financial results of the Allianz Group in the context of lawsuits and investigations in the United States.

As the insurer announced Sunday, the US Department of Justice has also launched an investigation. The Alliance is cooperating fully with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department in their investigations. However, it is not currently possible to predict the outcome of pending investigations and legal proceedings, nor to estimate the appropriate time. In particular, it is not possible to reliably estimate the specific financial impact, including possible fines. Therefore, there is no ruling currently.

The US Department of Justice has intervened in connection with pending lawsuits in US courts against Allianz Global Investors US LLC and other Allianz Group companies in relation to Alpha Structured Funds and the investigation initiated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2020. Allianz Global Investors US LLC received an application To submit documents and information voluntarily.

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