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Tesla's big store in Australia is on fire

Tesla’s big store in Australia is on fire

A large Tesla battery in Australia caught fire shortly before the final start-up. The fire broke out during the final tests of the large Victorian battery, operator Neoen announced. The reason is not explained.

Two huge bundles on fire

According to media reports, one of the huge Tesla packages that it consists of big battery There is a fire on Friday morning. Two of the 13-ton battery units are now burning. “We can confirm that during the first tests today at approximately 10/10:15 a.m. a fire broke out in one of the huge Tesla packages at the Victorian Big Battery,” said Luis de Samboche, managing director of power company Neoen Australia. No one was injured and the site was evacuated.”

Residents should stay at home

Tesla Neoen worked with local emergency services to get the situation under control. A warning has been issued for the presence of toxic fumes in the surrounding areas. Locals were asked to go indoors, close windows, vents and chimneys, and bring their pets indoors.

The power source is not affected

Firefighters want the huge bags to be burned in a controlled manner. The fire brigade said there should be no cooling measures, as that would only lengthen the process unnecessarily. She added that the storage facility is now disconnected from the electricity grid and the power source has not been affected. The fire comes at a very inopportune time, as it must lighten the power grids on schedule before demand peaks in summer. Recently, Neoen announced the completion of the project.

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Battery Storage and Energy Transmission in Australia

Australia wants Victoria by 2030 share of renewable energies Increase the power supply to 50 percent, battery storage is key. With a total of 300 megawatts of power and 450 megawatt hours of capacity, the large Victorian battery could supply half a million homes with electricity for more than an hour.

It is the second such project for Tesla and Neoen in Australia. the Hornsdale power reserve In South Australia it went into operation in 2018. Just like the large Victorian battery, the 100MW/129MWh storage system serves as a backup in case of a power outage and has since been upgraded to 200MW. These storage systems absorb excess electricity from wind turbines and solar energy systems and release it back during times of peak consumption or when there is little sun or wind.

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