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Alpine skiing: ÖSV men go to the Nations Cup

Alpine skiing: ÖSV men go to the Nations Cup

Villiers, Marco Schwartz, Olympic silver medalist Johannes Strolls, Michael Matt and Fabio Gestrin are still on hand to bring the Men’s Nations Cup to Austria. The difference over Switzerland, who attack Daniel Jol, Loic Millard, Luca Erni and Ramon Zenhauser, is 132 points. In the Nations Cup in general, Austria leads with 10,516 points, ahead of Switzerland (10,319) and Italy (6295).

However, the decision on the aliasing crystal is also very interesting. In fact, the quintet still has theoretical chances to win in discipline, Christophersen with 371 points, ahead of compatriot Lukas Brathin (323), German Linus Strasser (307), Feller (301) and Swiss Daniel Jol (283). For Kristofferson, this will be his third slalom ball after 2016 and 2020, and the first for others.

Geba / Mario Boehner

Kristofferson could win his third ball in slalom slalom on Sunday

The final started poorly for the Norwegian with a failure in the giant slalom, but with a double win at Garmisch-Partenkirchen and a best time at Flashau’s second round he should have gained self-confidence in the slalom. But Wieler also wants to use the last chance to bring a crystal ball to Austria this winter, after the 2019/20 season was empty.

“Surely a lot is possible”

In Saturday’s giant slalom, Fyler finished third in the final standings despite being 16th and with zero points, but had a helping hand. “It always feels bad or bad when you depend on others,” said Feller, who could look back on an “incredibly great season” in that system. Finally, he wants to show his “best skate” again in the slalom, and then “a lot of it is definitely possible.”

When Feller last said he no longer sees himself as a contender for the ball, he said on Saturday: “I’ve experienced firsthand that things are going really fast, and that things are going the other way when it comes to overall ratings. But at the end of the day, the goal is that We’re doing well, get on the podium, and then we’ll see what the others are doing. Just skate well, do my best, I’ll feel good even if the top three don’t end up in the overall standings. If I go down and say, ‘Okay, that was good skating for me,’ Then it would be appropriate,” he said.

As the defending ball champion this winter, Marco Schwartz didn’t play a role up front due to his ankle injury and onset, but he almost recovered his form to his old form at the end of the season and was fifth twice. “There was a very good upside there. We trained here on the salt slope, which I really enjoyed and did a good job there. I’ll give it my all again, you have to attack the slope and drive from top to bottom.”

Slalom’s team says goodbye to Pfeifer

At Méribel, Austrian slalom team bid farewell to former group coach Marco Pfeiffer, who has been promoted to Racing Director. “The association has found a very good solution. I understand Marko, as a coach you always want to develop and take on new challenges. I think he is a very good guy for the job. In terms of skating, he is a very good coach and very good in terms of organisation,” said Feller. “He told us in yesterday’s meeting that he would make sure he was involved in training as much as possible.”

Coach Marco Pfeiffer

Geba / Harald Steiner

Slalom Pfeifer coach becomes ÖSV racing coach after the season

Villiers added that “Croese” will remain with the group, as far as is known. What is meant is Styrian Martin Kroisleitner. “I’ve worked with him very well in recent years, he has a similar philosophy to Marko and his eye is very good,” Tirol newspaper reported. Pfeifer’s replacement as chief technology officer remains open. ÖSV wants to make a decision soon, so Kroisleitner is likely to be an option.

Schwartz thinks it’s a shame Pfeiffer is leaving the band, but don’t envy him that he’s the head coach now. “He will do a very good job. We are still working with him. It is still a little unclear who our new boss will be, but Marco will see that he has a good solution. We have good coaches.”

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