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Altach wins again!  At Reed, the latecomers find their way back to winning ways – the Bundesliga

Altach wins again! At Reed, the latecomers find their way back to winning ways – the Bundesliga

In the second round, she was in the “qualifying group” Admiral of the Bundesliga to a meeting SV Guntamatic Red with the SC Cashpoint Rheindorf Altach The late gave himself completely. Which also means that the Altachers were able to write fully again after a long dry period. This brings back a lot of explosions in the relegation battle. A lot of football is still played and no team can be sure what caused it.


Altach coach Ludovic Magnin can laugh again. In SV Ried, he managed to score three potential vital points.

Julian Weissmayer misses a penalty

The bottom of the table from Ländle comes quickly with a “horrible chain”. After the last 10 defeats in a row, Hartberg managed to score at least 0-0 at home. In addition, she is 483 minutes behind the goal. After the admiral’s unplanned defeat, Raidern intends to return to the path of victory.

Coach Ibertsberger: “The match against Altach is very important now, of course. A defeat will bring Altach closer to us, and a win will put us a really good distance.” From the start there was a fierce confrontation on both sides. The Altaş people approach the matter with great enthusiasm. Since one seems to know how much to hit.

However, after a short period of observation, the people at Innviertel are also actively involved in what is happening. But both defensive forms don’t show any weaknesses or you can’t find the gap in the first half of the game. There are practically no exciting scenes for the goal area. But then comes the 42nd minute: wild protests from the Altach. After a corner kick from Nutz, Nimaga puts his hand on the ball and the penalty kick is awarded. Julian Wießmeier starts and hits the left corner just right from his point of view. Casale is still close, but he can no longer defend himself – halftime score: 1: 0.

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Altach turns the game on its head

one of the swiss Guests coached by Ludovic Magnin will have to step up their play in the second round. Because with defeat, the “target class” moves away. The question inevitably arises as to who should sign up for Vorarlberg. Number Zero is now part of the Altach standard program. But the people in Vorarlberg now want to know.

There is a goal warning in the first few minutes, but the VAR prohibits recognizing the equaliser. Bagic was the savior on Red’s side in dire need. As a result, the followers of Ibertsberger are again trying to increase the pace accordingly. Altach throws everything in the balance, so is it finally possible to break through the already cumbersome “gate barrier”? But ideas are limited here and there, and the fighting is mostly in the foreground. 63 minutes: It’s 1:1! Anji Nanizayamo in the right place after a corner kick from Schreiner on the second post and deliberately finished it inside.

Now Rider faces more challenge again, Nene misses a header (67th place). 82 min: Altach leads 1: 2! Namizayamo puts the ball in the middle, where the joker “sticks” Christoph München, just three minutes into the match – final score: 1: 2. After the international break, Ryder will guest guest on LASK on Saturday, April 2 at 5:00 PM. Meanwhile, Altach welcomed FC Admiral Wacker.

SV RIED – SCR ALTACH 1: 2 (1: 0)

Josco Arena 2500 spectators Walter Altman

SV RED (4-2-3-1): Sahin Radlinger, Maisel (Lackner 88), Blavutek (65 Jovicic), Seewald, Ziegel, Kannadi, Wismeyer, Bagic, Notz, Stosek (Offenbacher 88), Nene

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SCR Altach (5-3-2): Casale, Strauss, Mischitz, Schreiner, Zuchenbrugger, Nanizayamo, Hadom, Nimaga (Aigner 85), Gaudino, Bishop, Griezmann (Munchen 79)

target sequence: 1: 0 (42 Wießmeier / penalty kick), 1: 1 (63rd Nanizayamo), 1:2 (82. Munchen)

yellow cards: Blavotik, Nene, Offenbacher and Bishop

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