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Alpine skiing: ÖSV women in Ari with their own agenda

Alpine skiing: ÖSV women in Ari with their own agenda

Before the penultimate Giant Slalom of the season, Hector had 522 points under her belt. France’s Tessa Worley (467), who won in Linzerheide on Saturday, American Michaela Schiffrin (411) and theoretically Petra can still challenge her in the discipline classification Vhova (331). The Slovakian, already a slalom World Cup winner, needs the best results regardless if she is to slip 117 points behind Shivrin at the World Cup again.

When it comes to crystal, Austria plays no role in any discipline. In the giant slalom, Katharina Troup was Austria’s best in 10th, Ramona Seppenhofer 11th and Katerina Linsberger 17.


Olympic champion Hector can crown her dream season in front of her fans

“The goal is always to fight on the podium. In the giant slalom, there were partial lanes or tracks where the speed and bottom line were just right. Technical coach Hannes Zuchling was quoted as saying on APA, “But we struggle to get to the point on both runs.” There is currently no solution to this.In addition to Troup’s fourth place at the Olympics, Linsberger’s starting fourth place in Sölden and sixth place in Linzerheide, as well as seventh and eighth place for Seppenhofer, stood out from Austria’s view this winter.

Consistency as a major drawback

Truppe, who was also ninth alongside Brunner, had a better result in mind when he was sixth at halftime at Lenzerheide, but body tension and body language were lacking in the second half, and she ended up 11th. “Now it’s just about dropping what I showed in the first round twice. Then it looks good,” Troup said before assignments at the traditional Swedish ski resort.

Siebenhofer also wants to present himself from his best team again at the end of the season. “We still have snow, it’s still white and we still have skate races,” Styrian said. However, the cost material for the long season, especially in emotional terms, is “a bit tricky,” says Seppenhofer. But the power reserves are still there: “It’s not like I’m already driving with a spare tank and have to know when the next gas station comes. It’s still possible and I’m in good spirits.”

Brunner recently had three consecutive World Cup failures and didn’t see the goal in the Olympics either. Therefore, she definitely needs Aare points to participate safely in the World Cup Final. The coach also knows the 28-year-old can do just that. “In the first round in Sölden, she was third, she just took off, and she hasn’t been able to since. All she has to do is show her performance in training, that will be enough,” the coach said.

Liensberger still with a podium chance

Thanks to Liensberger, the ÖSV women took second place in Lienz and third in Zagreb in the slalom, and the women from Vorarlberg also won the silver at the Olympics. It’s fifth in the discipline classification, so a jump into the top three is still possible for the small crystal ball defending champion, who has already been taken down by Flova.

Katharina Linsberger in the slalom

Geba / Daniel Goetzapper

Liensberger, here in the Olympic slalom, is the highest share to finish the podium at Aare

“If everything goes together, she can fight for victory in Aare. She has trained well since her return from China. And she has good memories of Aare,” said Zuchling. On March 13, 2021, Leinsberger celebrated her first World Cup victory in slalom at Ari, which she then followed with another win in the final in Linzerheide.Lensberger, Trobe, Katharina Galhuber, Katharina Huber and Kiara Mayer are currently qualified for the World Cup finals, with only Marie-Therese Spurer scoring points.

Iger is happy

The Austrian camp has been looking forward to the panorama with glee these days, as Magdalena Egger, part of the Tech World Cup group, won gold in the downhill, superg and giant at the Junior World Championships, as well as the silver at the World Junior Championships. Combine and in team competition. Only in the slalom did it not work out with 15th place in the precious metal. In the final in France, Egger was eligible to start the majors in which she became the Junior World Champion and would also compete.

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