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Already 2,903 cases: a wave of influenza is coming our way in 5 minutes

Already 2,903 cases: a wave of influenza is coming our way in 5 minutes

The Österreichische Gesundheitskasse (ÖGK) is once again organizing an influenza vaccination campaign in Carinthia with its cooperating partners this year. inform us. Last year, about 16,000 OGK insured people got a preventive needle to keep themselves healthy and not without reason.

Fever, headache and cough

Influenza, also known as the “real flu”, is not just a cold, but is usually accompanied by nausea, high fever, muscle aches, headache, severe sore throat and cough. Viral illness can affect any age group, but especially in the elderly, children, or adults with an underlying chronic illness, influenza can also be associated with very serious illness. It is transmitted from person to person through droplets (sneezing and coughing).

Influenza cases in Carinthia are on the rise

At least 2,903 cases of influenza or influenza-like infection were recorded in the week of October 11-17. The previous week it was 2527. This is shown by the current influenza statistics from ÖGK Carinthia. Contains a list of all sick days that are currently caused by actual influenza viruses or influenza-like conditions. However, influenza virus activity in Europe is currently “not worth mentioning”, as it says on the one hand Austria Influenza Diagnostic Network. In the past, the peak of influenza was approaching the Christmas holidays.

Current influenza numbers in Carinthia

© ÖGK Carinthia

Warning of a severe influenza epidemic

The health official stressed that “experts assume a strong flu wave this year – so it is very important, especially for the elderly and those who are immunocompromised, to receive the flu vaccination.” Beat Breitner in the course of broadcasting. The state of Carinthia has been vaccinating in the district authorities’ health offices and in Klagenfurt Magistrates since the previous week. In Villach, the vaccination campaign begins on October 25.