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Near the stars: how does a telescope work?

Near the stars: how does a telescope work?

who – which telescope It is one of our most important tools for space control. Already in use for more than 400 years Astronomy scientists The first telescopes thus provided indispensable knowledge about the universe. Today most notes are automated. So also in a file Atacama desertThere are huge observatories and the best radio telescopes in the world. Astronomers have already been able to use these The black hole in the Milky Way explore.

But how does the telescope actually work and how do you observe what you want to see? This explains to us Dr. Ruth Grützbauch. She is an astronomer who, among other things, runs a “public space dome” for school classes. We collect them together urania observatory He visited, the oldest public observatory in Austria, which regularly opens its dome to visitors.

In our future area report, we take a look at how the telescope works and what makes the different telescopes special.

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