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Already approved in the US: Making robotic implants easier for dentists

Already approved in the US
Robot makes implants easier for dentists

At CES in Las Vegas, a robot that specializes in dental implants will demonstrate what it can do. Its use should not only make the work easier for dentists, but also make the procedure shorter, less painful and as gentle as possible for patients.

American company Neosys presents a robot at the Consumer Electronics Show that could be seen in many German dental practices in the future. Because Yomi is a system that supports dentists in the planning and operation of dental implants. The use of the robot, already approved in the US, saves a lot of time and enables more precise and gentle procedures for patients.

Strictly speaking, Yomi is a computerized robotic navigation system. It consists of a robotic arm with tools that do not work independently, but are guided by the dentist. A guiding hand supports them and provides haptic feedback if they deviate from the plan previously created with the help of the computer. According to Niosis, dental implants can be used more precisely than usual.

According to the manufacturer, robot-assisted treatment can cut down what would otherwise take months to a day. Due to high precision, operations should be without small scratches and stitches. All in all, Yomi will not only make the work of dentists easier, but also reduce pain for patients and lead to faster recovery.

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