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America’s greatest danger lurks within

America’s greatest danger lurks within

Kevin McCarthy’s hard-fought election as Speaker of the House is just a foreshadowing of the chaos in America. This will lead to the default of world power.

It might be more fun. A new legislative term in the US Congress could not have started in a more chaotic way. Normally, electing the Speaker of the House of Representatives is a mere formality: the majority elects the Speaker of the Second Chamber of Parliament – and that’s it. But what is still normal in America’s sick political system? The Republican president only managed it on the 15th attempt Kevin McCarthyTo deprive the native of the state of the third highest post. Before that, a small group on the right fringes of his party harassed and blocked him for four days.

With Republicans trailing only five seats in the House of Representatives after November’s midterm elections, the only games played by extreme backbenchers in the Freedom Caucus are possible. US Democrats continue to control the Senate, and their president serves in the White House. Joe Biden, tired of himself. For a divided Congress, future governance looked difficult anyway. Things don’t get any easier now, with Democrats only needing to chip away at five votes from Republicans.

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